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Global Strolling with Kereru Publishing & Prayer Bench

Picture this: while it is autumn in the south, its spring in the north and we’ll be strolling together exploring the unique aspects of these two distinct hemispheres. Connect with like-minded individuals worldwide, forging new friendships, and sharing thoughts and photos inspired by the unique spirituality of New Zealand and Canadian landscapes.

Your Stroll emails will deliver to your inbox reflections on daily experiences and engaging practices. Expect a blend of multimedia, including videos with songs, inspiring photographs, and thoughtful guidance for your strolling adventures – whether on foot, wheels, skateboard, or running shoes.

Each email will prompt you to notice and pay attention, celebrating your senses and inviting moments of silence and reflection into your strolls. Join us on a journey around your neighborhood or simply gaze out a door or window with intention.

Seasons of Change await!

Mark your calendars for 19 May - 8 June 2024 to Stroll together with Caroline Bindon and JaniceMaclean. Stay tuned for more details coming your way!

Individual Stroll registrations are $24 (NZD

Group Strolls are exclusively available through Kereru Publishing.

Gather together a group of three or more like minded friends or family and sign up for a group subscription. Each person in the group receives the same content as an individual subscription. After purchasing a group package, appoint a group co-ordinator. The group co-ordinator will be responsible for the sign up process for all group members and co-ordinating any shared group experiences as you Stroll together. Suggestions on how to enjoy and participate in Strolls in group setting will also be provided to group co-ordinators. 

Group Stroll registrations are $60 (NZD) Group size is for 3 to 20 individuals. Add additional group members for $3 (NZD) each.

Register your group for Stroll here. Instructions will be provided on how to add group members.

A combination group package for both Stroll and Rambles is also available 

Stroll and Ramble package for group registrations are $100 (NZD) Group size is for 3 to 20 individuals. Add additional group members for $5 (NZD) each.

Read more about Rambles

Register your group for both Stroll and Rambles here. Instructions will be provided on how to add group members.