Stroll for Your Soul

Stroll for Your Soul

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Stroll for Your Soul in the Southern Hemipshere will be held in September 2023. Actual dates to be advised.

Stroll for Your Soul is a collaboration between Kereru Publishing in New Zealand and Prayer Bench in Canada. Caroline and Janice explore the unique spirituality of their landscapes from very different parts of the world. Come Stroll with us!

Stroll for Your Soul offers 21 days of accompaniment through a brief email delivered early each morning to your inbox. Each email will offer a practice, or a reflection, or a poem, or a photograph giving direction and encouragement to your time spent walking or jogging or biking or even skate boarding.

It takes 21 days to create a habit. Use these daily emails as motivation to get outside. They will help you notice the green and growing glories of Spring. If you are a regular walker, they offer practice at paying attention and being in the present moment. Weave silence and mindful reflection into whatever minutes you have to give to your self. Deepen your awareness of seeing the Divine in the ordinary and practice being in the present moment with these daily emails.

Stroll for Your Soul for Individuals

  • Are you a fair weather person needing encouragement to get back in your walking shoes?
  • Are you a runner seeking mindfulness on your daily run?
  • Are you a biker, a hiker, a skate boarder wanting inspiration with your exercise?

Groups use Stroll in so many ways.

  • Some groups meet at the beginning and at the end of the 21 days to check in on what people are noticing, identifying and valuing.
  • Some groups schedule a time, once a week to Stroll together. Whoever comes, comes.
  • Some groups never meet as a local group but stroll as individuals in the daily company of nearly 500 other folk from across the world. Yes, world!
  • Some sign up a committee or youth group as a shared spiritual practice.
  • Some groups offer Stroll to folk in local retirement and nursing homes.
  • Some groups offer Stroll to groups with young parents, university or college students.
  • Some groups invite other denominations in the community to sign up too and host a few ecumenical strolls together.

WHEN: The Southern Hemisphere Stroll will begin the first Saturday 3rd September 2022. 

COST: Individual $22(NZD) or Group $60* (NZD) (unlimited size)

When you sign up a congregation/group, you register as the contact person. You can pay by credit card or PayPal or we can send you an invoice. We’ll send you details on how you then can sign up your group members.


  • A welcome email on the Wednesday before Stroll begins
  • 21 daily emails with a practice, a poem, a reflection, or photograph offering encouragement for mindful attention and accompaniment. Arriving each day at 5am for 21 days from the first Saturday in September
  • Group subscriptions also receive a media pack you can download to promote to your group


If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, sign up throught the Prayer Bench for Stroll for Your Soul starting in May 2022.