Solving the God Problem

Solving the God Problem

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Solving the God Problem - John for Today

Solving the God Problem  is a commentary on the gospel of John, designed for those with little or no Biblical background. The vocabulary Brian uses is that of everyday English. Technical terms and phrases have been avoided. The sentence structure is simple rather than complex, thus making for ease of reading and understanding. The overall style is conversational.  All imagery and illustration by way of commentary comes from present day culture. Former theological students of Brian, may remember this in its original form "Xerox Equation".    While those who are involved in ministry will find it useful, it is also easily accessible for Christians of every stage of faith and explains profoundly and simply the Good News. 



Brian Smith has written a commentary on John’s Gospel being faithful to John’s desire to tell us the Jesus story in the context and thought processes of his audience. Brian’s style is conversational and illustrates the Gospel using down-to-earth, readily accessible language and concepts of the 21st Century reader. Rather than just re-stating the text, Brian highlights the significance of John’s purpose in writing and focuses on those things that point to the Jesus factor in the ‘God equation’. Whether reading John devotionally or wanting to teach others, Solving the God Problem will stimulate faith and life application for the reader.
Reverend Paul Cossey, Senior Pastor, Darfield Baptist Church, New Zealand

About the Author
Brian K Smith is a New Zealander who has spent his life communicating the Christian message. After training for ministry in Auckland he relocated to India where, in the north-eastern state of Tripura, he became principal of a Bible school. Later, he was one of a team translating the New Testament into the main tribal language of the area.
When he returned to New Zealand in 1976, Brian was appointed lecturer at the Baptist Theological College. In 1984 he became principal of that institution leading it through a time of rapid change. Under his leadership the college developed a distinctly missional focus, changed its name to Carey Baptist College and changed location. He held the position of principal right up until his retirement in 1997.  
Solving the God Problem has arisen from years of experience preaching and teaching the fourth gospel. It reflects a style of clear and concise communication of gospel truth that resonates with people from all walks of life. This is the third book that Brian has published through Kereru Publishing, his earlier titles beingArrowdown: Theology With Pictures (2014) and Who Made God? And Other Tricky Questions (2014).

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