Counting Down to Christmas

Counting Down to Christmas

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Christmas in 2020 is likely to have a different look and feel due to the current pandemic hitting the globe, yet the Christmas story is timeless. Our resource this year will offer hope, peace, love and some joy for these troubled times. Join us as we count down to Christmas Day through the season of Advent. Drawing from traditions of Advent Calendars with cardboard opening doors, we present a short daily dose of inspiration delivered direct to your email inbox each morning. Join us on your own, with other members of your household, or as part of a larger community group.

Click on the mystery image in each email to reveal a clue as we search and explore the mysteries of Christmas. Each email includes a short daily inspiration to read and an experiential practice to carry out in your own time and space during the day or in the week ahead.

Sign up by clicking on the link below. Once you’re signed up you’ll receive a welcome email. If you've signed up as a Family/Household or Group we'll also send instructions on signing up other members in your Family/Household or Group.

Emails begin at 5am(NZT) on Sunday 29 November 2020, and will arrive at the same time every day throughout Advent, ending with a final email on Christmas Day. 

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