Autumn Rambles

Autumn Rambles

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Autumn Rambles will be held in the Southern Hemisphere from 29 April 2023 to 12 May 2023

Join Caroline and Janice as they walk the streets, beaches, woods, and bush and collect their favourite autumn signs & sightings and share their memories of Autumn. Look in on the wisdom this season lends them in their journey of faith.

Use their ideas as a starting point for your own meanderings. Take a camera, a sketchbook, a journal or a basket for gathering as you ramble around your place.

Ease into Autumn. Enjoy slowing. Ramble with pleasure and gather your own collection of autumn impressions, images and sensations to guide you on your path.

Each day you'll receive a curated digital scrapbook page to inspire your ramble and set you off on your own autumn discoveries.

Autumn Rambles for Individuals

  • Are you looking for meaningful inspiration as the weather changes and the days grow shorter and colder?
  • Would you like a focus for daily rambles?
  • Do you want to celebrate the season of Autumn in creative ways?
  • Autumn Rambles provides a smorgasboard of possibilities to bring meaning, inspiration and creativity to your personal activities and reflections.
  • Access the digital scrapbook from your phone, tablet or computer.

Autumn Rambles for Groups

Here's some ideas groups could use to make the most of Rambles.

  • Meet together to Ramble at a local park or beach.
  • Meet together (in person or in a Zoom session) at the beginning, during or end of Autumn Rambles to share your stories.
  • Participate as a shared spiritual practice.
  • Invite others from your extended community to join your Autumn Ramble.
  • Sign up your local ecumenical ministry support group or join with others from another denomination. 
  • Use as a prompt to create a group scrapbook or noticeboard of your own Autumn Ramble anecdotes, experiences and reflections. 

WHEN: The Southern Hemisphere Ramble begins on 29 April 2023. The Northern Hemisphere Ramble will be held in October and will be available for purchase through The Prayer Bench website later in the year.

COST: Individual $22 or Group $60 (unlimited size)

When you sign up a congregation/group, you register as the contact person. You can pay by credit card or PayPal or we can send your group an invoice. We'll provide an excel spreadsheet for you to fill and return with the names and email addresses of each person in your group.


  • A digital download with more information about the resource.
  • 14 daily online scrapbooks.  Each scrapbook is unique and is based on a daily Autumnal theme with prompts for your own rambles and multi-sensory seasonal experiences. Content includes written reflections, poems, prayers, quotes, activities, images, videos, music, recipes, interactive activities and more. The purpose of each daily offering is to provide encouragement for mindful attention and reflection. An email with a password and website link will arrive each day at 5am (NZT)
  • Group subscriptions also receive a downloadable media pack to promote to your group and an excel spreadsheet to subscribe others from the group.

Autumn Rambles is co-written by Caroline Bindon and Janice MacLean and is published and distributed through both The Prayer Bench in Canada and Kereru Publishing in New Zealand