5 Senses to Prayer Kit — Never-Ending Circles

5 Senses to Prayer

5 Senses to Prayer Kit — Never-Ending Circles

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Have you ever run your finger around the outside edge of a dinner plate and wondered where the plate begins and ends? Have you ever tried to find the sides on a round ball? Have you ever found yourself in the inner circle of friends or family? This Experiential Prayer Kit is called “Never Ending Circles”. Every prayer in this box is based on a circular or round object or movement. More than that, each prayer picks up the theme of the never-ending, unceasing, all-encompassing and embracing love of God.

The 5 Senses to Prayer Kits include instructions and reusable equipment for 9 different multi-sensory prayers for personal use. We're keeping the contents a surprise. Also included is a beautifully photographed and inspirational  Zine providing additional inspiration content on the box theme. There are also 9 collectible postcards, one for each prayer. 

Reuse the prayers over and over again. Some users like to sit with the box and pray through each prayer in sequence taking 20 minutes to half an hour to complete the prayer sequence. Others choose one prayer a day to pray. 


Limited Quantities Available.