5 Senses to Prayer Experiential Prayer Kit

5 Senses to Prayer

5 Senses to Prayer Experiential Prayer Kit

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The 5 Senses to Prayer Experiential Prayer Kit includes instructions and reusable equipment for 7 different prayers for personal use. The Prayers in our Basic Experiential Kit are tactile and visual. 

The box includes a beautifully photographed and inspirational 16-page Zine outlining the different types of prayer and an explanation on using the senses to pray.

There are also 7 collectible postcards, one for each prayer. Prayers include Adoration and Praise: Thinking Putty Prayer, Thanksgiving: Pipe Cleaner Sculpture Prayer, Confession: Egg Timer Prayer, Intercession: Globe Stress Ball Prayer, Supplication & Petition: Brick Tower Prayer, Responding: Battery Candle Prayer and a Combination Prayer: Crayon and Paper Prayer.

Reuse the prayers over and over again. Some users like to sit with the box and pray through each prayer in sequence taking 20 minutes to half an hour to complete the prayer. Others choose one prayer a day to pray. 

Booklet and Postcards Only

If you'd prefer to gather contents for your own box you can order the Booklet and Postcards only. Contact us to create a custom order or for bulk discounts