A Collection of Experiential Prayers - Book One

5 Senses to Prayer

A Collection of Experiential Prayers - Book One

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Each of the three 5 Senses to Prayer books are divided into chapters based on Sight, Taste, Touch, Smell and Hearing. The prayers are all experientially focussed with sensory components. Within each chapter there are 35 different prayers including five in each of the following sections; Praise & Adoration, Thanksgiving, Confession, Intercession, Petition/Supplication, Responding, as well as prayers which combine the different types. Notes are provided on using each prayer in a variety of different settings including prayers stations, as an individual and in small and large groups such as churches. Other information such as visual images relating to the prayer are included. The175 prayers included in each book are all tagged with keywords and hashtags to help with finding the right prayer. There are several indexes. There's also opening chapters on some of theory behind using experiential prayer too. This is a great book for the worship leader or curator of worship experiences. It’s also suitable for use by individuals or small groups for personal prayer.

Release date 5 Senses to Prayer Book One –Available on our website now. Available on all major eBook retailers on 1st October 2018

Release date 5 Senses to Prayer Books Two and Three – 2019 Exact dates to be confirmed


‘In ‘5 Senses to Prayer’ Caroline Bindon provides readers with a wealth of prayer resources that are at once creative, inspirational and absolutely practical! They are equally at home in individual prayer, small groups and congregational worship and are a truly valuable resource for all Christians and any preacher/pastor seeking to guide her congregation to a prayer life that is both deeper and wider, and alive in every moment.  I know both I, and my congregation, will grow through Caroline’s creative insights for many years to come…’  Sue Brown,