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When Avenues Church started in 2001, the intention was to create a worship style that was attractive and welcoming to people of all ages who were not used to attending an existing established church.   Very quickly, an Avenues worship style emerged that Andrew and Caroline call ‘Discovery Worship’. This hands-on, interactive, experiential style of worship forms the basis of every Avenues event from then until the present day. 

With a blank canvas to work on, and an appetite for worship that is creative, thought provoking and accessible, the Avenues Church began to establish some of their own signature style worship events which as the years have passed have become firm favourites for those who attend.


Avenues is a journeying Church.  'Discover, Believe, Belong' underlines all of our activities and events.  

We are a small gathered group of all ages and all stages.  Whether gathering for our monthly 'Breakfast Avenues' or for one of our stand-alone experiential events, we seek to experience our faith and what it means to be followers of Jesus,  in the whole of our lives.  

If you want to find out more about Avenues you could visit the Avenues website http://www.avenues.org.nz/ or like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AvenuesChurch

You can also look through some of our resources in the Kereru Club section. Subscribe to our Kereru Club monthly email news and you will have access to a growing collection of free resources to inspire and engage all-ages and all-stages of Christian faith on their journey.   Most of these resources are tried and tested Avenues experiences and have also been used in more mainstream Church experiences. You'll also receive our quarterly newsletter, "The Seed Disperser" brimming with 'a nestful of ideas' for worshipping creatively and spiritual formation.