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Arrow Down - Theology with Pictures

Theology is the study of God and his ways.  This can involve concepts that are not only new, but also complex.  When presented in so many words these may be difficult to comprehend.  Sometimes, however, an idea is more readily grasped if it is in visual rather than verbal form.  On the basis that one picture may be worth a thousand words this book sets out to use simple graphics in the service of theological understanding. The diagrams cover a wide range of themes including the interpreting of Scripture, the Holy Trinity, the atonement, what happens when we die, and Christianity among the world's religions.

About the Author

Brian K Smith was born in Dunedin, New Zealand. After completing a degree in electrical engineering, he trained for the Christian ministry, and in 1959 went to India as a missionary. In the north-eastern state of Tripura be became principal of a Bible school. Later, he was one of a team translating the New Testament into Kok Borok, the main tribal language of the area.

Returning to New Zealand in 1976, Brian was appointed lecturer at Baptist Theological College. In 1984 he became principal of that institution, a position be held until retirement.

Alongside a teaching career, Brian has the experience of bringing up his own family in the faith. He and his wife Shirley have three children. Keeping up with their questions, he says has been very good for his theology. 

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Author: Brian K. Smith
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Sample text and pictures of chapter 14 - Theories of atonement - How God puts us right with himself

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