Takeaway Taking Flight

Takeaway Taking Flight

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A free weekly email worship service delivered to your inbox

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are providing a temporary, free resource, "Takeaway Taking Flight". Our current plan is to deliver this every Saturday night NZT for as long as New Zealand is at Level 2 or above in our national pandemic plan. We will continue to review this as the situation continues. We are committed to supporting individuals and local churches. We have subscribers from across the globe already getting this weekly worship service. 

We're living in a rapidly changing environment and our resource will likely evolve. The weekly worship service is based on our lectionary resource, “Taking Flight” which is typically used by ministers and worship leaders to plan weekly worship gatherings and study groups. “Takeaway Taking Flight” will include each week: A Call to Worship, Opening Prayer, Bible Reading, Inspirational Thoughts, Questions to Ponder, Experiential Prayer and a Benediction. It will be delivered by email direct to inboxes and will be in a written format with interactive content. Participants can use the resource whenever they like during the day on Sunday or any of the days thereafter. It is written from the perspective of someone worshipping alone, but those self-isolating with others can turn it into a shared worship experience in a small group.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is through our Friends of Kereru email list. You will need to select “Yes” to receiving Takeaway Taking Flight on the sign-up form. If you have problems signing up, please send us an email and we can do it for you.

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This resource is free. We want to maintain the ability for anyone to sign up and participate. However, we do have costs involved in producing it each week and we would welcome donations to cover these. If you, are in a position to contribute, a small weekly donation or a one-off donation would be appreciated. 

Customizing for Churches

We know churches are looking to find ways to continue to worship together while dealing with increased requirements for pastoral care during these trying days. If you're a leader of a church and you'd like to use our Takeaway Taking Flight for your whole congregation, we have a customizable option for you. This means you can still retain some local church flavour and input while joining in this unique worship experience with others around the globe. You can provide up to three paragraphs of local content each week: An opening message; general prayer needs; and a final paragraph with your church notices. Your church’s special edition of the resource would be sent to all the names of those from your congregation who’ve given permission to receive it. Please contact Caroline to get further instructions.